About us

Who is Queen Hermes?

Hermes and Mercury are considered the Greek and Roman deities of communications, commerce, and insight. The "Queen" moniker pulls in the nurturing and grounded approach of our agency.

The company offers services in communications and technology, and professional coaching. The business positions itself as a purpose-focused entity, with belief in the electrifying power of the veritable word as key to self-actualization via professional and spiritual development.

Our team

Brianka Morgan - Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Racheal Goodman - UX/UI Designer, Sales Executive Officer
Asad Jamal Malik - Website Developer, Technology Officer

12 Cumulative Experience
  • Seasoned in documentation, workflows, and process improvement within the health care industry and state government.
  • Mastery in building long-lasting connections in restaurants and hospitality.
  • Ace in your pocket when crafting your professional vision and shifting your career.
Creative and Inventive Solutions

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